Have you heard that; you get what you think about? Where you put your energy multiplies? Have you heard that what we resist persists? What about the power of emotions; “Compelling reason will never convince blinding emotion.” – Richard Bach.

This influence also works with your body. Any area that you don’t love about your body is resistance. If you hate your fat, flabby parts or cellulite you are putting lots of energy on the very thing you want to go away. This doesn’t mean love your flab to make it disappear. I am suggesting that you love your muscles, your sexiest places on your body, your beauty, your pretty toe nails, eyes, hair, forearms, breasts and every single thing that you can give lots of love to. Love your walk, your neckline, your smile. See your body as if it already looks just the way you want and feel it too. The more LOVING attention you give to your body, the more it will love you back with health, and vitality.

Please write down five thoughts you have when you are naked and you look in the mirror.  Pause and do this now. Did you write them down?

Next, imagine for a moment that your body is an eight year old child that you can see in front of you. Say aloud to that eight year old child all the thoughts that you wrote down, except use the words “you” and “your” as you speak to the child instead of saying “my”. For example, you might say to your eight year old child, “Your butt is too big and looks gross. Cover that and don’t let anyone see it.” Think about that for a minute. What if you said that to an eight year old child every day? How long would it take that child to hate her body, cover it in humiliation and distance herself from it to feel less shame? It might take a couple of weeks, at most.

How long have you been beating yourself up over your body?  Two weeks, or twenty years?

Imagine telling your eight year old child, “You have beautiful skin, gorgeous eyes, strong arms and fast legs.” Tell her that for two weeks and what kind of improvements would you typically see? That child would enjoy feeling good about her body and she would work to improve it.

Your body is like an eight year old child. It will believe what you tell it, feel about it, and think about it. If you change the language in your head, your body will respond differently. Thank your body for your health, even when it is not perfect. Appreciate your exceptional qualities from your eyes to your toes. For some this will be easy and for others it will be more challenging. It depends largely on your dominant neurotransmitters and hormones.  When you understand how your thought process work, from taking a health assessment with ph360,  it is easier to change your thoughts and emotions, even if your neurotransmitters want to have their say.

Practice feeling ten times as many positive thoughts about your waistline as you do negative thoughts and it will transform before your eyes. You will automatically reach for food and activities that cause you to feel more of those positive thoughts.

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