Hello all!

Or should I say “G’Day Mate!”.

Yup, I have left the land of rice paper, scooters, and minimal traffic rules in Vietnam and have plunked myself down in the land of vegemite, paw-paw, and chicken salt. 🙂 When I left Canada back in October 2016, my plan was to head to Australia for a ph360 conference and health retreat, then head to South East Asia until the end of the year and keep January free for me to head back to whichever country I felt most drawn. So as you can see, Australia it is!

People Watching ph360-style

What an eye-opening experience and adventure I had in South East Asia. My travelling companion has headed back to home to  Scotland after a jam-packed 4 weeks together. I am so grateful for our time together. Not only was it fascinating to travel with an Activator Health Type (find out your health type here), but it was delightful to share and discuss ph360 and the Health type behaviour trends. Thank goodness she was as curious about the program as I am!

It was fascinating to people watch in Bali, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam to look at the stature and general disposition of the locals and the tourists attracted to each location. In the high heat and humidity, it shouldn’t come to be too much of a surprise I saw that the majority of people who handled the heat well were the Ectomorphs. Those long, lean kids wandering the sweltering high heat streets, while I was melting in the lightly air conditioned cafes.

Humility in Humidity

I have to say, that as much as I like the heat, the humidity in South East Asia was not comfortable for me. I previously thought that I could handle humidity. I experienced humid air in Eastern Canada and USA, but that was nothing compared to the humidity of South East Asia.

My ph360 profile insights onto my ideal place says that I would benefit from a warm, dry environment. Now, that is definitely not how you would describe the Pacific North Wet (typo intended) area of Canada where I am from. And when I chose Australia and SE Asia, I did not give the climate enough consideration.

But have I learned my lesson?

Learning Curves

I am so grateful to be out of the moist clutches of the South East Asia climate, but have I made the right choice to reside in Australia’s sub-tropical district of Brisbane, Queensland in the middle of their summer?


Oh well, I guess we will have to see! When making the decision to come back to this beautiful part of Australia, I made the choice based on the gorgeous people and ph360 community that resided here. I made some surprisingly deep connections with quite a few folks at the ph360 Coaches Conference here in the Gold Coast area. It felt so good to interact with like-minded individuals who resonate with the idea of holistic health and the mission of ph360.

Brisbane is also home to ph360’s unofficial “Command Centre” with Dr Cam McDonald and Kyle Riley of ph360 Australia at the helm. Over-riding my need for a warm, dry climate, the draw of the social connections and community in Brisbane solidified my decision to stay here for awhile.

Upon personal reflection, this really shouldn’t be surprising for an Endomorph such as me to prioritize the sense of community over what environment my body would feel best in if that meant I was alone.

Gheez – using ph360 as a self awareness tool is such a fascinating opportunity! Learning about my genetic tendencies, and juxtaposing those insights with my current behaviours really highlights themes and tendencies in my life that I had never given much thought to before. But it’s all starting to make so much sense and providing some deeper insights into myself.

What a cool journey to be on! Cool insights are exactly what I need in this sweltering heat.

Until next time!


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