Whether you’re about to engage in the inaugural big reveal with a new sweetie or you’re dropping trow for someone who knows your every birthmark by heart, everyone getting naked has two things in common: You want to look hot and feel good.

But while these (not so secret) desires may be the same the world over, there are as many ways to achieve this coveted state of nude self-satisfaction as there are humans on the planet. Because the path to looking hot and feeling good begins with understanding the unique blueprint that makes you you. Once you know the distinct physical and psychological components that set you apart from everyone else, you can start sussing out the best ways to reach your optimal state of hotness.

Aside from being well hydrated (at least 8 cups of purified water a day!) and well rested, looking hot and feeling good naked are dependent on two primary factors: Caring for your body and calming your mind.

Ever wonder which foods make you feel heavy, dull, and bloated? Wish that you could establish an exercise regimen that regulated digestion and made your skin glow? Once you discover those foods and exercise habits that will naturally and quickly bring you closer to your optimal body shape and weight, you can take action to make a difference. With a targeted assessment of your body’s measurements and your distinct lifestyle, you can learn which foods and fitness plans will support your body’s natural rhythms and unique needs.

Yet no matter how svelte you are, it’s your mind-state that will ultimately determine how hot you feel. Your unique genetic makeup, life experiences, and environment predispose you to a distinct set of stressors. These stressors can be physical, psychological, and emotional, and the way you handle them will determine how you feel on a moment-to-moment basis. Learning about how these individual stressors affect you will help you find ways to practice mindfulness—even when anxiety is rearing its ugly head.

Understanding your personal health blueprint will not only give you a way to reach your physical goals for weight loss or gain, it will help you feel better about yourself in the process. So you can spend more time enjoying what you’ll be doing while naked instead of dreading the disrobing.

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