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What is it like to be a Guardian?

Guardians are known as the ‘Salt of the Earth”. Friendly, good-natured, tolerant, predictable, steady, strong, secure, family-oriented and stable. You are naturally very supportive and enjoy easy-going activities, routine, eating with family or friends, being a spectator and connecting with others you like.

You are the strongest HealthType and tolerate physical stress (like cold, hunger, and lack of sleep) better than most others and you tend to have an overall feeling of well-being.

Friends might call you grounded, dependable and consistent. That is because you care deeply about those close to you and they know that they can count on you. Employers or business partners would say the same thing, because you offer loyalty and great service. You are a valuable part of your family or a team.

How do we know this? It’s in your body.

You’ve just answered a few questions from the HealthType Test and, from those simple answers, science can recognize how your body developed from the womb which, in turn, allows us to understand how your body naturally functions.

Really? You ask. Yes, really.


In a nutshell, it’s like this – as an embryo develops, one of the germ layers (through gastrulation) may become more dominant, influencing which organs are strongest, and which neurotransmitters and hormones will be most prevalent.

The germ layers that developed with predominance in your case was the endoderm. The bronchi, lungs, the digestive tube composed of the pancreas, liver, thymus and prostate, the pharynx and thyroid develop from the endoderm layer.  With this in mind, your body tends to put it’s attention into these areas first whether in health or sickness.

This focus on the gut tube means that Endomorphs tends to have a more efficient metabolism – retrieving more from the food they consume and storing those nutrients in reserve for times of scarcity to help cope better with stress. In the old days, this was famine, drought, pestilence and war but nowadays, even though this is a crucial skill to have, the convenience of our current lifestyle means that you tend to hold onto weight easily and keep it there, even if you don’t need it.

This development process results in a body that is bigger in size, with more body fat than most others and the inherent nature of caretaking – providing for and nurturing the people, plants or animals around you.

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Your HealthType is just the beginning

Your abundant potential can be unleashed when you analyze your gene expression and identify precisely the aspects of everyday life that can enable you to live every day to your greatest potential.

Having precise guidance into daily activities like eating, relationships, exercises, and staying abreast of everything can let you concentrate on the things that matter most.

There is no invasive sampling or testing. Simply secure the app, fulfil the assessment and be supported through every day, knowing the health and wellness advice you get aligns fills your cup perfectly.

A Healthy Body Just Makes Life Even Better

As a Guardian, your body is blessed with sturdy, dense bones and the capacity to hold lots of muscle (and fat if you choose to) and this makes you the strongest of all HealthTypes. You also have the most amount of blood vessels throughout your body which means that providing them with oxygen is really important. Your ideal training will use this inherent strength as the foundation while keeping your circulation stimulated.

However not only is it what you do, but how, when, where and with whom you do it that makes the difference between a healthy lifestyle and a life that overflows with health.

Knowing your unique chronobiological, social and environmental needs allow you to make the absolute most of your body and the time you spend working out.

Where would we be without food? There is nothing better than having friends or family around and enjoying a sumptuous relaxed feast together. The good news is, that’s healthy for your body! The social environment, abundance of food and delicious meals are all key to your being healthy.

Just knowing and understanding the simple fact that a great social connection while you eat is healthy for your type of body can be life-changing.

Imagine the possibility of effortlessly knowing precisely which foods will you support you best.

Being cool is cool.

A cool environment is your ideal ally for a peaceful lifestyle. Too much heat can be a big stress for your body as it will continually need to work to cool you down.

When your surrounding environment is hot it becomes a constant stress on your body. Chronic, ongoing stress contributes to sickness and ill-health like vascular issues and hypertension, hormone insufficiencies, focus and memory issues or pancreatic dysfunction, diabetes and metabolic disorders. So how can you remove that daily compounding stress so you can improve your quality of life? Just stay cool.

It is not only temperature that affects your health – lighting, textiles, humidity, colour, organization and other incidental aspects in your surroundings can add or remove stress from you life. Using this knowledge for ‘set and forget’ health support can radically improve your satisfaction and happiness in daily life.

What’s the difference?

Between the Guardian content and other HealthTypes..? Sometimes it’s not so much the content but the eyes through which you view it. We invite you to browse through the whole HTCommunity site to see for yourself – here are some of the difference you’ll note.


Different bodies will inherently respond better to different things, for example, the Activator imagery is full of movement, action and excitement and the Guardian page oozes family, connection, food, community and abundance. See if you can pick the key ‘themes’ for each HT page you visit.


You’ll note that the bodies look different when you visit a different HealthType page. We want you to be surrounded with role models who are like you so you can be inspired by bodies that are relevant and achievable as well as totally gorgeous!


The language, the topics and how they are presented can be different for each HealthType. For example, the news on the Guardian page will be focused on things like communities and resources, whereas the Sensor page may concentrate on positive world news and Crusader news may hone in on technology and business.


The contributors to each HealthType page ARE that HealthType. From a range of ages, experiences and walks of life so you get great variety of content from people you’ll naturally resonate with. If you’d like to contribute to your HealthType page just get in touch!

In a word, Comfort.

When you are comfortable you can put into action all of the tasks that bring abundance to your door. Practicality allows you to move ahead without anything standing in your way. Your surroundings might be sturdy, natural, and above all comfortable so that you and yours can feel at home at all times.

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