When it comes to fitness, I’m very particular about how I exercise. My ph360 profile suggests that for me anaerobic exercise, competitive sports and using balance or eye hand coordination are the best ways for me to achieve fitness. ph360 has a great insight because those are the ways that I like to exercise. But the most important key for me, is exercising in nature. My ph360 Place section states that it is critical for me to have natural elements in my home space, as well as being able to see natural surroundings from my windows. When it comes time for exercise, if I can go out into the wild, away from buildings and traffic, then I am highly motivated to go exercise every day.

I am fortunate to live in an area with unlimited hills and mountains to the north of our valley. I am doubly fortunate to live right next door to those foothills. Our city has designated these knolls for recreational use. That means that there are hundreds and hundreds of miles of bicycle and walking trails at my disposal. Some of the trails start within walking distance from my home. I’ve never liked getting on the stair stepper, it’s only fun for a few minutes and then I am bored. But when I go for a trail, an hour and a half can pass by so quickly and then I have to tell myself, darn it, it’s time to go back home. Or I hike so vigorously without even realizing, and working out becomes enjoyable.

When it comes to moving the body, there is something for everyone. Do you know what motivates you move? If not, find out what it is. Perhaps it is bicycling, running, water aerobics, kayaking, lifting weights, or walking. Or maybe you find working out with a friend, workout buddy, or coach is the most fun way to move. Everyone has their preferences, and there is some movement that makes your brain and body happy to move.

When I first started my ph360, I went to the gym all the time. I made myself go. I don’t have to make myself go for an hour and a half walk in the foothills; hiking up and down trails, looking at beetles, ants and smelling fresh sage in bloom. I just have to discipline myself enough to only go for a certain period of time each day so I can get my work done too. Lately I’ve been taking my six-month-old granddaughter hiking with me in a backpack. She’s getting the experience of the outdoors, and I’m getting the extra work out with a companion. I find this to be extra fun.

I encourage you to find out what one exercise, or two or three or four, lights you up, brings you joy, makes you want to move, and motivates you enough that you don’t have to force yourself to exercise.

Moving the body is critical to overall health. We need the extra oxygen, circulation for building muscles, moving our lymphatic system and exercising the heart. Finding the exercise that works best for you is going to bring many benefits to both body and spirit, and could provide more energy and stamina. Get moving and get well!

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