Your HealthType Report

Discover how to optimize your lifestyle with food, movement, mindfulness and more designed to suit your body! 18-Page Report.

What is My HealthType Report?

Your 18-page personalized report walks you thorugh the features of your type of body and how you can best realize your potential.

Get to know how you are different from other people – and how that can help YOU become the BEST version of you – with a happy mind and healthy body!

Packed full of helpful insight and practical tips, you can keep your digital  HealthType Report on hand for support at all times.

Who is it for?

This course is designed for people who want to:

  • Learn about the HealthTypes
  • Finally, understand the people in their lives
  • Enrich their relationships
  • Discover, accept and embrace their own natural characteristics and strengths
  • Find support for their natural challenges
  • Communicate better
  • Be healthier and happier

Who is it for?

YOU! 🙂 But only IF you want to:

  • Learn to appreciate more about your own body
  • Understand how you are different to other people
  • Start exploring your unique gifts and talents
  • Discover, accept and embrace your natural characteristics and strengths
  • Find support for your natural challenges
  • Communicate better
  • Be healthier and happier

What will I learn?

In your HealthType Report you will learn:

  • The simplest ways to a healthy digestive system, including the best ways to eat your foods.
  • Types of movement that will support your body and how it is natually intended to move.
  • How to use your social and environmental surroundings to reduce stress and increase fulfilment.
  • What can help you to get in the zone – what you’ll find a satisfying from a work or hobby perspective.
  • How to organize your day so it feels like a breeze rather than hard work.
  • The natural talnets hidden in your body that make you a gift to the world.
  • Simple adjustments that can make a huge difference in your happiness, energy, satisfaction and love levels!

HealthType Report

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  • Love your body
  • Embrace your talents
  • Be happy & healthy