Which Detox is right for YOUR body?

There are plenty of different Detoxes out there but how do you know which one is right for YOUR body? It comes down to the type of body you have! Different bodies need different types of Detox support. Keen to discover which is the right type of Detox for you? Read on!

Why should I do a

Detox Anyway?


With our lifestyles these days – the air we breathe, the foods we eat, and daily stress from work, the media, anxious friends and family – our body is working overtime to try to get rid of toxic waste and stay clean and healthy. A full body Detox allows your body to take a break, catch up and get clean on the inside.






Your Detox should be the right one FOR YOU.


Your body is different to anyone else’s – it just is. Simply look in the mirror and you’ll see for yourself. And THAT means the Detox that YOUR body needs is different too!

Luckily we do share common qualities with other people which allows us to identify a type of body and because these qualities affect our entire health we call these types the HealthTypes.

How do I find out my



Simply do the HealthType Test! The HealthType Test is a 3-minute quiz about your body. This calculates the type of body you have and can tell you all sorts of interesting things about your body – like the best kind of Detox for you!

Precision Upgrades


Your HealthType gives you the specifics but when you add your lifestyle, a specific, precision program can be calculated for you. By measuring your unique body plus your ancestry and health conditions, this can be calculated against decades of scientific research to provide precision support for your Detox – right down to whether to choose avocado or tomato.

To optimize your Detox like this there ae 3 simple steps:

  • Find out your HealthType to know which Detox is right for you
  • Get your precision 10-Day Personalized Detox by completing the ph360 lifestyle measurement questionnaire
  • Get Detoxing the way your body will love!