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The Personalized Life Coaching Book, Offered to You First


A Special Invitation & Opportunity from Matt Riemann, ph360 CEO & Founder

The first personalized life coaching book is coming to you, from someone with a very special story! Matt Riemann invites you to meet Natalie Howard – personalized coach and writer, and young mother-to-be. Watch the interview to hear Matt’s special invitation to meet and support Natalie, and find out about her book!

“Support Nat and her baby and the journey that they’re on. Please get behind this book! It’s going to be something that changes so many people’s lives!”
Matt Riemann, Founder – ph360

We are so excited to be offering you this exclusive invitation to pre-order Natalie’s very special book at an incredible discount!

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A Book as Unique as You

This will be the first truly personalized life coaching book. By communicating personally to each of the health types, it will speak to you, about you, for you, in a way that you can connect with. It will give you the tools and confidence to live your unique life in the way that YOU are designed to.

This is your chance to have your very own personalized coach speaking TO YOU, motivating you and empowering you with the tools you need to live your healthiest, happiest life!

Real, Relevant Life Issues

Discover personalized solutions & strategies that you can use in your daily life to help you to:

  • Manage Challenges & Be Free From Stress
  • Improve Your Relationships with Family, Friends & Colleagues
  • Communicate with Clarity & Confidence
  • Know, Understand & Truly Value Yourself for Who You Are
  • Maintain a Life Balance that is Right for You
  • Discover and Live Your Purpose

Read Natalie’s blog series on Health Type specific communication!

Personalized Advice
  • In depth advice personalized & tailored for EVERY health type for EVERY topic
  • No more generic “one size fits all” suggestions, or boastful claims of “If I can do it so can you!” that don’t cater to your uniqueness
  • Personalized language tailored to each health type from the expertise of a personalized coach and language professional
  • Advice that makes sense, connects, and sees you as a unique person
  • Backed by the proven science of personalized health psychology and neurochemistry to help you understand and choose your behaviours, thoughts and actions

By pre-ordering your copy of the first personalized life coaching book, not only are you empowering yourself in your life, you are helping Natalie, her new baby, and her book that will help many people to lead their healthiest, happiest lives!

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Read how Natalie writes personally for each Health Type on the ph360 blog:

Meet Natalie

Natalie is a personalized coach, writer, educator, Sensor, and very soon to be young mother.

Some of you may have met Natalie already! She spent 2018 as part of the international ph360 Retreats Team, under the mentorship of Matt Reimann and the lead coaching team. She used and developed her many talents in supporting ph360 members to truly discover themselves, helping them learn how to transform their lives to greater fulfilment. She has developed her expertise as a personalized coach with a particular focus on helping individuals achieve the clarity of self understanding in order to confidently embody and express themselves and relate to others.

Natalie transformed her life in recent years through living her personalized health, overcoming more than a decade of chronic fatigue syndrome, depression and anxiety. While developing her own health and helping others on retreats, she received the most powerful sign of her improvement – the blessing of pregnancy! She and her husband are excitedly expecting their baby in early March!

Natalie studied writing, language and education at university, and worked as a high school teacher and mentor. She is driven by her experiences in personally catering to the learning & development of young adults, and her firm belief that education, when communicated personally, is empowering.

She is passionate about the power of language to create our realities, within ourselves and with others. Natalie writes both from the heart and the mind. She combines her gift with language with her professional and intellectual expertise, and her intuitive understanding of others.

Her experience of the changes of pregnancy has given her even more insight into the different psychologies and experiences of the Health Types, as her own body and neurochemistry has shifted throughout. She writes not just from theory, but from genuine experience and insight into different ways of experiencing the world.

Her commitment is to help even more people be fully empowered in themselves, to know and understand who they are so they can live with confidence and clarity, in health and happiness.

As she prepares for the birth of her baby, Natalie has a vision of a future in which her child grows up knowing and living true to his unique self, being valued for who he is, and truly knowing and valuing others for who they are.

By writing this book, she wants to help create this future for all of us, and all our children. As she brings new life into the world, she also wants to help bring about better lives in the world.

By pre-ordering your copy of Natalie’s personalized life coaching book, you are gifting yourself with expert, insightful and sincere support, as well as supporting Natalie to bring this meaningful book to the world while she raises her child.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a copy of my personalized life coaching book?

Pre-order your copy of Natalie’s book at the special pre-release price of just $10! We will use the email you use when you pre-order in order to keep in touch with you in the lead up to release!

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When will I receive it?

You will be the first to receive a copy of the book when it is released! We will keep you updated on when you can expect it via the email you provide when you pre-order. Natalie’s first big project will be having her baby, and then, thanks to your support, she will be able share her book with you and the world!

Stay connected through Natalie’s Facebook page.

How else can I support?

If you’re inspired by Natalie’s story and excited about the release of the first personalized life coaching book in the world, you can share this offer with your friends and family! Every share helps to spread the message about the power and success of personalized health and to build a better future where we can all lead our happiest, healthiest lives, knowing and understanding ourselves and each other.

If you’re moved by Natalie’s vision to bring her book to the world while raising her beautiful new baby, you can also choose to pledge to donate any amount to support this cause and help make it happen. As the saying goes, “It takes a village.” With your contribution, you can be a part of our global village, living and sharing personalized health in our families, building a better future for our children.

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What Others Say About Natalie

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“Support Nat and her baby and the journey that they’re on. Please get behind this book! It’s going to be something that changes so many people’s lives!”
Matt Riemann, Founder – ph360


Be confident that you will be personally empowered to implement clear and achievable solutions in your life with real, lasting success!

Be a part of the global village building a better future for ourselves and for our children!

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