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What is it like to be a Sensor?

You are analytically organized, consistent, loyal, orderly, intellectual, sensitive, focused, determined, motivated, ambitious, strong-minded, meticulous, detailed oriented and creative.

You have the ability to read others, perceive and interact at an intellectual level and can be mentally (and even physically!) flexible, incorporating many ideas into complex concepts or theories.  Given the space and tools necessary, you can easily accomplish a significant degree of mental work.

You enjoy learning and details, and are good at creating systems, strategies, and directing work flow. You are disciplined and consistent and a fast learner.

How do we know this? It’s in your body.

You’ve just answered a few questions from the HealthType Test and, from those simple answers, science can recognize how your body developed from the womb which, in turn, allows us to understand how your body naturally functions.

Really? You ask. Yes, really.


In a nutshell, it’s like this – as an embryo develops, one of the germ layers (through gastrulation) may become more dominant, influencing which organs are strongest, and which neurotransmitters and hormones will be most prevalent.

The germ layer that developed with predominance in your case was the ectoderm. The ectoderm leads to the development of the neural tube (brain and spinal cord), the neural crest and the outer epithelium of the body (the skin). With all this emphasis on the functions of the head and nervous system, less energy is placed on the rest of the body, resulting in an overall thin, lean and light body that is neurologically quite active. It is, therefore, no surprise that your naturally lean body may struggle to put on weight and muscle mass throughout life and your highly-sensitive nervous system might remain on alert, restless or sometimes even overactive resulting in a sensitivity to sounds, stress, and other external stimuli.

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An Active Mind Leads to a Healthy Body

Discovering the journey for which your unique body is designed allows you to uncover the secrets to fulfillment, happiness, and health in every day. How? You have this body for a reason. Allowing it to function at it’s best opens the door and supports the process for inner understanding and true learning. A healthy body supports a healthy mind.

Analyzing your gene expression allows you to identify precisely the guidance for daily activities like foods, exercises, and stress relief. So you can always feel good – without the stress. When you feel good, you do good. And when you do good, great things happen.

A Healthy Body Just Makes Life Even Better

Undoubtedly you already know that FOOD can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Whether it puts you to sleep, causes annoying tummy issues or wreaks havoc with your skin, knowing what, when and how to eat and, more importantly, what to avoid can make all the difference to your daily happiness and confidence.

Even knowing the simple fact that, because your body does not store excess energy naturally, consuming small portions frequently will help stabilize your energy can be life-changing.

Imagine the possibility of effortlessly knowing precisely which foods will you support you best.

The best type of FITNESS for you is something that incorporates your mind and your body. Whether that be in spiritual practice with something like Yoga, complex coordination activities like dance, or besting your previous attempts.

However not only is it what you do, but how, when and where you do it that makes the difference between a healthy lifestyle and a life that is completely optimized.

Knowing your unique chronobiological rhythms and environmental requirements allow you to circumvent standard results to gain the true physical enhancement and performance that is ideal for you.

Life is much better when you're warm

Your body has a small skeletal bone structure and low levels of fat, so it is common sense and can be recognized from personal experience, that a warm environment will help you to relax and allow you to thrive. Why? When your body is exposed to the cold, it immediately activates processes to maintain your core temperature because when your core temperature drops, your body cannot function.

When your surrounding environment is cold it becomes consistent stress for your body. You can literally feel it. Perhaps knowing that chronic, ongoing stress contributes to sickness and ill-health like anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, lethargy, skin disorders, and gut problems can give you the driving force to remove that daily compounding stress so you can improve your quality of life? Just stay warm.

It is not only temperature that affects your health – lighting, textiles, humidity, color, organization and other incidental aspects in your surroundings can add or remove stress from your life. Using this knowledge for ‘set and forget’ health support can radically improve your satisfaction and happiness in daily life.

What’s the difference?

Between the Sensor content and other HealthTypes..? Sometimes it’s not so much the content but the eyes through which you view it. We invite you to browse through the whole HTCommunity site to see for yourself  – here are some of the difference you’ll note.


Different bodies will inherently respond better to different things, for example, the Activator imagery is full of movement, action and excitement and the Guardian page oozes family, connection, food, community and abundance. See if you can pick the key ‘themes’ for each HT page you visit.


You’ll note that the bodies look different when you visit a different HealthType page. We want you to be surrounded with role models who are like you so you can be inspired by bodies that are relevant and achievable as well as totally gorgeous!


The language, the topics and how they are presented can be different for each HealthType. For example, the news on the Guardian page will be focused on things like communities and resources, whereas the Sensor page may concentrate on positive world news and Crusader news may hone in on technology and business.


The contributors to each HealthType page ARE that HealthType. From a range of ages, experiences and walks of life so you get great variety of content from people you’ll naturally resonate with. If you’d like to contribute to your HealthType page just get in touch!

In a word, Elegance.

The long, lean limbs, the introverted nature, and the inescapable sensitivity ultimately draws you to elegant lines, peaceful surrounds and a distinctive love for details – whether it’s the little things in life or the exquisite perfection of fine craftsmanship.

However, that by no means indicates that you are the same as anyone else. In fact, your strong sense of identity will rarely see you ‘fitting in’ with the crowd. Rather you’ll find your own unique style, modus vivendi, and path.

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