You have a SENSOR body type and your

Ideal Detox

includes JUICING for a powerpack of nutrients

The problem with Detoxes

It’s imperative to know the correct style of Detox for your body but just as important is the protocol.

Most people tout a Juice fast for everyone – for 3, 5 or 10 days or more but for YOUR particular body that can cause more harm than good. If you’re a Sensor it’s important to err on the side of caution when you Detox. If you don’t you can end up with fatigue, feeling cold, digestive problems, mentally fuzzy or unclear, physically aching, and even muscle atrophy.

Watch the video for more on what an extended Juice fast might do to your body and why it might just cause you MORE stress instead of less.

Do the right type of Detox, tailored to your body

We are all different and the ph360 Personalized Detox gives you everything you need to Detox safely and effectively without the need for supplements, shakes, expensive equipment or complex systems. It includes:

  • Fully tailored 10-Day protocol including designated Juicing and Optimize days to cleanse and support your body and mind without stress.
  • Your Dynamic Food Report that tells you all about how every food interacts with your body and WHY.
  • Detox recipes ranked specifically in order of how healthy and detoxifying they are for YOU so you can choose the intensity of your Detox.
  • A Pre-Detox checklist and your step-by-step daily schedule to help keep your body and mind relaxed and open to letting go.
  • Full support in your Detox Support Group and Online Community if and when you want it.
  • How to optimize your eating as you finish your Detox and move on.
  • The option to carry your Dynamic Food Report with you as it gets colder or warmer, your stress levels change, you get older, and your lifestyle changes so you always know which foods will keep you feeling good.

How it works

We completely understand if you naturally find it challenging to trust new or different ways of doing things. You can rest assured that the Personalized Detox has been developed by medical and health professionals from decades of research spanning multiple fields of expertise – from Anthropometry and Epigenetics to Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicines.



You measure your body and add the data to your secure app. This includes features of your body that may help indicate underlying conditions, any food preferences, and more.



The program calculates your phenotype with scientific and medical algorithms and recommends exactly which juices and optimizing foods will make your protocol most effective.



Follow the recommendations provided over the 10 day protocol – this also includes support such as chronobiology, mindfulness, movement, and stress management.

Observe the results

See what other Sensors have to say about Personalizing their Detox.

The Detox made me feel light, fresh and clear – such a difference in my mood and the way I could relate to the world around me.


After the Sensor Detox my whole body finally relaxed – I was able to digest and actually absorb the food I ate without any stress or discomfort, my skin and eyes were brighter and clearer, my thinking was focused and my mood was stable.


I’m so glad it was all warm foods. It felt really comforting through the whole 10 days – not like a Detox at all!


I really enjoyed the way my body responded – consistent energy, bright and clear – and a really lovely feeling of a pervading calmness.


My digestion feels so much better – it’s calm, I’m not bloating, my belly is flat again and it just feels so nice to be me.


I love that it made me aware of, and helped me really cut down, how much refined-sugar-snacking I usually use to maintain my energy. With the Detox I didn’t need it – I didn’t fade at 3pm at all.  I feel really good.


When should I Detox?

If you are feeling:

  • Sluggish, heavy or trapped
  • Mentally fatigued or fuzzy
  • Digestive pain or frequent headaches
  • Low in energy, tired, or listless

What should I expect?

A Detox should leave you with a clear mind, fresh skin, calm digestion, and consistent energy so you can concentrate on the things that really matter in life.

Then it’s time to Detox.

When you’re in good health Detoxing once a year is the ideal support for your body.

Do your Personalized Detox

Clear your mind, freshen your skin, feel calm and invigorated in just 10 days.

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