The most effective

Detox for Guardians


Detoxing is helpful

You were built for connection and to nurture those you love and, when it comes to supporting you to do what you do best, your body responds really well to Detoxing.

You’re a natural conserver

Your body naturally conserves things – it keeps fuel for later, just in case and this means you tend to store excess weight. Makes sense, right? Did you know that it’s actually an incredibly helpful and selfless action? Your body does this naturally so that you can be there to help support others when times get tough. Way back when – if there was a famine, you literally would be the Guardian of your community – helping everyone else get what they need at your own cost and this is what your body naturally does!

Extra weight would never have been a problem with a physical lifestyle in the old days but today with our sedentary jobs and convenience lifestyle it can cause problems. Storing too much for a rainy day can make you sluggish, feel lethargic and make your body work extra hard just to get through each day.

Detoxing correctly is crucial

Detoxing is a very helpful process for the Guardian body. When it’s done correctly it gets rid of build-up and allows you to function at full volume again.

Detoxes and diets that deprive you cause stress and stress = the perceived need for MORE. If you deprive yourself of flavor, your body automatically craves something more flavorful. It’s simply how your body works.

Don’t waste your time, money or effort on a Detox that won’t get you the results you want.

The RIGHT way to Detox

There are three simple steps to follow to correctly Detox your body:


The RIGHT foods the right ways to allow your body to Release and Detox at the same time.


Surround yourself with people who know what it’s like to be you and how you’re feeling.


Recognize how much more free, capable & energized you feel releasing what you don’t need anymore.

Guardians Like You are Loving their Personalized Detox

Your unique Detox is tailored to you, at this moment in time, because sometimes it just needs to be all about you.

After your Detox

A Detox should leave you with:

  • A clear mind
  • Abundant energy
  • A lighter feeling in your steps
  • Restful sleep and productive days
  • Fresh, vibrant skin
  • The feeling you have everything you need to look after your loved ones

The right Detox is tailored to your genes

You need a Detox protocol that knows you from the inside out. A program to show you exactly which foods to have when to Detox effectively – the first time! That’s why your ph360 Detox gives you:

  • Full 10-day protocol to Detox and optimize your strong body
  • The Dynamic Food Report that tells you all about HOW every food interacts with your body and WHY
  • Detox recipes ranked specifically in order of how healthy and detoxifying they are for you today. So you can choose what you eat and drink as you detox.
  • A Pre-detox checklist and your Step by step daily schedule including light movement, mindfulness and more to keep your body and mind relaxed and open to change.
  • Full support in your detox support group and online community whenever you want it to share, discuss, vent and celebrate.
  • The path to follow to optimize a delicious and satisfying food lifestyle as you finish your Detox and move on
  • The option to carry your dynamic food report with you throughout the year so you have everything you need as the weather and seasons change, your stress levels and activities vary, as you get older and your body changes.

Detox the right way for the results you want

Make the most of your incredibly strong and resilient body and consider the ph360 Personalized Detox. Join today, prepare your Detox and enjoy the experience with your supportive community. We’ll see you there.