in comfort

including plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables

Support your body to Detox naturally and safely

Want the most efficient and effective way to Detox? Then you must give your body a helping hand. Your amazing body already has an incredible self-Detoxing process and so the most efficient way to Detox is to support and use the system you already have.

Why reinvent the wheel, right?

Know the Detox for your unique body

The ideal way to support your natural Detox process is to examine your body, find out precisely what supports it best and then simply put into practice a comfortable protocol that reduces inflammation, settles digestion and helps your natural detox processes to get in flow.

This means that you have:

  • Clarity of mind so you can think, consider and decide every day with ease
  • Fresh skin that looks and feels soft and moist
  • Calm digestion, without bloating, gas, discomfort or pain
  • Restful sleep and productive days
  • The release of excess weight
  • And reservoirs of energy you can draw upon when you choose

Simple process, bountiful results

The logic is simple but the process can be convoluted, time-consuming, and complex – unless you use technology to do the hard work for you. That’s where ph360 comes in – this technology helps you:

Assess your body, ancestry and lifestyle to quantify your current gene expression and create your avatar.

Correlate your avatar with predictive, preventative personalized health data from evidence-based research.

Create a bespoke 10 Day Detox Protocol tailored specifically to the gene expression of your body within seconds.

The ph360 10-Day Personalized Detox Protocol

The ph36010 Day Detox protocol gives you everything you need from exactly which foods to eat to guided mindful movement.

Spend 10 days in a deep-dive into Detox-mode, creating healthy habits, revealing your ideal shape, and unraveling some of the mysteries of your body at the same time.

Your ph360 10-Day Detox includes:

  • Your Dynamic food report that shows you exactly which foods to eat and about how every food interacts with your body and WHY
  • Detox recipes ranked specifically in order of how healthy and detoxifying they are for you today. So you can choose what you eat and drink as you detox. NO portion control necessary.
  • A pre-detox Checklist and your step-by-step Daily Schedule including light movement, mindfulness and more to keep your body and mind relaxed and open to change.
  • Full support in your detox support group and online community if and when you want it.
  • The path to follow to optimize your eating and keep feeling great in your skin as you finish your Detox and move on
  • The option to carry your Dynamic Food Report with you throughout the year so you have all the knowledge you need when your body needs different things to be healthy – like when it gets colder or warmer, your stress levels and activities change, and as you get older.

Natural. Safe. Cost effective.

The Personalized Detox works with regular foods and fits into your life. There is no additional outlay once you’ve purchased the 10 Day Detox Protocol. (No supplements, no equipment, just a positive attitude and perhaps some lifestyle tweaks).

The 10 Day Detox is gentle enough to do every three months but effective enough that you won’t need to. Ideally, with a well-rounded lifestyle, your Personalized Detox should be an annual event.

Feel fabulous in your skin

Consider the ph360 10-Day Personalized Detox. When you purchase, you have 30 days in which to complete your 10 Day protocol – giving you enough time to prepare and feel comfortable knowing what’s coming up.


How the science of ph360 works

ph360™ uses anthropometry (scientific assessment of your body’s measurements), family history, and assessment of your lifestyle and environment to determine your phenotypical profile. This allows your app, Shae, to correlate predictive, preventative personalized health data and give you practical health advice.

Your body on the outside is a direct reflection of your health on the inside. Your environment directly and indirectly affects your health. From Embryology to Semeiotics, Exposomics to Ancestry – your avatar is built from 15+ layers of science and your unique program is created encompassing all aspects of epigenetics.

ph360 is Doctor Endorsed

ph360™ is designed to use the latest evidence in science and medicine to make health simple and easy for everyone.

The pioneering science of Personalized Health is helping us to identify and address the underlying imbalances in each unique body. When these imbalances are addressed, we see a significant shift in the well-being of a person, translating to improved physical health, higher productivity, better mood, happier relationships and a more positive outlook on life in general.

Dr Lawrence Goldman, MD
Dr Alberto Garoli, OMD BAMS
Dr Everett Beyer, MD

The Detox Experience

Discover what others are saying about experiencing the ph360 10 Day Detox Protocol


Brisbane, Australia


For the first time in my whole adult life I slept 6hrs straight.  Starting small and then adding in more things made it achievable for me.

Perth, Australia


So overall I lost 5.4 kgs, felt great, and have been able to cement some really positive habits moving forward. It was surprisingly filling and I never lacked energy.

Sydney, Australia


The one thing I notice right away is the tremendous joyful support. I’m feeling the shifts already after two “almost” days and my first full day. The body is amazing how it can reclaim its greatness so quickly.

Auckland, NZ


My tastes have changed a lot during the detox, foods I wouldn’t normally like I now look forward to and I use to be a big meat eater where now all I want is veggies and a massive plate of salad.

Vienna, Austria


I lost some weight and gained so much energy – and the food was delicious! I feel like I look great and that makes me really happy.

Christchurch, New Zealand


I find I have twice the stamina and strength in the afternoons vs mornings, but I wouldn’t have found this out unless I stuck to the changes. Now I really don’t like working out in the mornings as it’s made me realise how it totally exhausts me for the rest of the day.

Support your body to Detox naturally

Consider the ph360 10-Day Personalized Detox.
Prepare for the natural, safe and effective way to look great and feel amazing.