Katey Leigh

ShaeWellness & ph360 Community Leader

Hi there! My name is Katey and I am a friendly Guardian hailing from beautiful Vancouver, Canada. I have been traveling since I was a baby – moving from rural small towns to large urban cities, to new countries, all before the age of 10. Being exposed to such a variety of people, cultures, social norms, communication styles, and inter-personal dynamics throughout my life has created a deep fascination for human behaviour and the whole “nature vs nurture” debate. It’s probably no surprise I specialized in Sociology, Psychology, and Inter-Cultural Communications in my academic and professional careers!

My personal and professional mind was BLOWN when I first came across personalised health and the HealthTypes framework in 2015. It transcended all cultural and societal filters to understand people at the basic biological, genetic level. A revelation my brain was DELIGHTED to explore, and a topic I am thrilled you’re exploring here, too!

Favourite thing about being a Guardian

I would have to say one of my favourite things about being a Guardian, is the sense of stability and groundedness I provide others just by being myself. I don’t actually have to DO anything (bonus!).  I just BE myself, and I naturally put people at ease with my presence. I didn’t realize this was a natural gift of a Guardian body type until I learned more about the different body types. Being “a rock” or “solid support” for family, friends, colleagues was consistent feedback I had throughout my life, but I didn’t realize how powerful it was until I learned more about the gifts of a Guardian, and how that is different than the natural talents of other HealthTypes.

Current Mission

It’s my current mission to elevate personal health literacy at a global level by educating employers and employees in the workplace. Work is where most of us spend over 60% of our time in a typical week, right? This speaks to my passions for communication and people. A concept I like to call my “commpassion”. I truly believe we will unify the world by learning how to be happiest and healthiest versions of ourselves, so that we can learn to love, and not fear, the differences in others. 

Biggest improvement through putting Personalized Health into practice

I think it would have to be eliminating the fear I had around my health. The fear I had about not knowing why my body didn’t respond well to some diets, or why I was gaining weight when I thought I was eating well and exercising enough. The awareness and understanding I have of why my body reacts in different ways has been life-changing for my physical, mental, and emotional health!

One of my favorite sayings is: “I never lose. I either win, or I learn!”
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