Bex Morrison

Co-Founder of HealthTypes, ph360 & Shae 

I have forged a career through Health, Wellness & Education over the past 20 years. As an avid traveller, entrepreneur and writer, and the Co-founder of HealthTypes, Shae and ph360, my passion lies in wellness education, practicality and simplicity. 

I specialize in creating wellness products that integrate seamlessly into everyday life alongside engaging educational programs and experiences to help support the practical application of personalized health and wellness. My intention is simply to help people be happy. 

Favourite thing about being a Sensor

Knowing that all it takes for me to be happy is literally to keep my brain active! Whether it’s reading, learning, creating or experiencing something new, it’s a simple way to maintain my mood and satisfaction in life!

Then, knowing what it is that helps me relax best is relly helpful. Understanding that keeping a warm, calm environment with plenty of me-time is not selfish but makes me a whole lot happier and more productive is a big relief.

Current Mission

To help people be who they are here to be and do what they are here to do through personlized health!

Biggest improvement through putting Personalized Health into practice

Better respone to illness, less headaches, clearer skin, but most of all, taking the pressure of of myself to feel like I should be anything other than who I am.

One of my favorite sayings is: 'It is better to wear out than to rust out'. Relevant for both people and things... don't save it all for later - make life meaningful now!
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