You’re healthy, you eat right, you exercise regularly, you meditate and you make a point to connect with other people. Damn it, you don’t just feel good, you look good!

But, what about the people you love? Do you have someone in your life who you just want to shake into more healthy habits? If you’re like me, there are probably some people in your life that aren’t nearly as healthy as they could be and I bet you know that you’re just the person to make them see the light.

This was a topic of discussion at a recent event I attended. Here are some examples of their finesse:

  • Allison (names are changed for privacy) told us about her duty to share health advice at her place of work. This has resulted in people hiding their unhealthy food from her… and no invites to the lunchroom.
  • Sarah, who brings her own meals to family gatherings, spoke about how her parents finally told her to quit giving them healthy eating advice or quit coming to family dinners.
  • Karen shared that her son would advise her “I’m young, I’m healthy, just chill Mom” when she would sternly present one of her many “suggestions” for healthy eating.
  • Vicki told us about her 65 year-old mom promising her that she would join the gym in a city where she was spending part of the winter. When Vicki arrived for a visit and asked about the drop-in cost for the gym, mom was busted. When mom began blurting out excuses Vicki responded, “is that the story you’re telling yourself?”. Mom didn’t like that.

I know, I know, you want everyone to feel as good as you do. But is your approach working as dismally as the examples above? Are all your loved ones on board? No? Would you like some unsolicited advice?

The consensus among the group was that their approach definitely was not working. Sarah shared that she finally dialed it down and her parents eventually got on board (it didn’t escape the group that this is often what happens with children too). Now when she is not with them and one of them eats something that’s not on their ph360 recommended list, the other says “I’m going to tell Sarah you ate that” and they laugh.

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So, how do you make the people you love just be healthy? Since you asked…

Definitely do:

  • Live it so they see it
  • Share tasty, healthy foods with them
  • Plan fun activities that are also healthy and within their abilities
  • Ask if they’d like some unsolicited advice for their health then share one thing

You can but maybe don’t:

  • Send them naked selfies
  • Host a gf, df, ef, vegan dinner
  • Take them whitewater rafting, Class 5
  • Tell them everything they’re doing is “wrong”

Now, you can make it easier for them to be healthy and pave the way for Shae™ to give them advice. ph360launched a Kickstarter campaign for Shae™ and now you and your loved ones can have health without thinking.

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