Which Health Type are you?

Discover the key secrets to help you

look great and feel awesome!

Why take the test?


Finally ‘Get’ Your Body

You’ll discover how to unveil your natural body shape, get rid of the stress of dieting or going to the gym and enjoy life the way you were meant to! Free learning, realistic role models, lifestyle hacks… you’ll find plenty of support for your HealthType right here.


Explore and Build Great Relationships

Make meaningful connections in the HealthType Community. Knowing the HealthTypes means you have almost a secret insight into the desires and motivations of the important people in your life – including the ones you haven’t met yet!


Achieve Total Life Success

Level-Up with your HealthType Report or delve deeper to find out how to use your unique Genetic Expression for total success.

How does it work?

Some simple questions about your body can open up a world you’d never even thought about. Us humans, we’re all completely different – all 7.5 billion of us but, scientists have discovered that we do have some similar traits – all stemming from how we develop as an embryo in the womb.

So when you measure that trend of how you developed, you can be fall into one of 6 categories on a chart – your HealthType. It’s the first step to discovering how unique you really are but that first step can be transformational.

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