Do you sometimes feel uncomfortable in your body?

  • Does your digestion wreak havoc with your everyday life?
  • Do you feel everyday stress all through your body?
  • Got aches and niggling pains that won’t seem to go away?
  • Are you having trouble losing weight?
  • Does your body or mind just feel sluggish..?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, the Online HealthType Detox might be precisely what you’re looking for!

What is the Online

HealthType Detox?


The Online HealthType Detox is simply a way for ANYONE to help their body work more efficiently and effectively by “clearing out the junk” calmly, naturally and safely. Not to mention having the almost immediate benefits of:






How is this different to any other Detox?


Your body is different to anyone else’s – it just is. Simply look in the mirror and you’ll see for yourself. And THAT means the detox that YOUR body needs is different too!

How does it work?


Start by finding out your HealthType – it takes about 3 minutes through the FREE HealthType Test. Then, when you enter your HealthType into your Online Detox, you’ll see exactly the Type, Duration and Essence of Detox that is right for YOUR body. No supplements, no crazy shakes. Just the right way to eat the right natural foods that will help your body Detox! Thousands of people have seen incredible changes in their body simply by doing the right kind of Detox.

What do I do??


WHen you have your Online Detox, simply follow the 4 easy, guided parts and away you go – off on your merry Detox journey with a tailored program just for you… in the comfort of your own home!

  • But why an Online Detox…?
  • Sometimes it’s just too hard to go somewhere to get your health sorted… especially if you’re really restricted with time and space and finances…
  • We could all benefit incredibly by a Live Immersion Experience, but for those who can’t – an Online Detox is the ultimate “Next Best Thing”! It’s our way of bringing the experience as close to you as possible!

What’s included?



You are guided step by step through your detox – from setting the scene to getting back into your regular diet and lifestyle. Everything is at your fingertips – the type of detox, duration, the best time of year and so much more..



Your Detox includes a thorough Daily Schedule – walking you through each part of the day with what and when to eat or not to eat, what to do actively, how to relax, all taking into account your body’s natural daily rhythm to optimize your Detox.



Sick of trying to find things that are right for you online..? Look no more, we’ve scoured the web for you and found fabulous workouts, recipes, mindfulness activities and meditations that are tailored just for your body and mind.



Come join us! Ask your questions, share your triumphs and be inspired by other people Detoxing in the right way for their body too. Plus you can learn how and why they are different to you - and so much more!!

Don’t make yourself wait any longer!


Join in with the Online Detox now to bring that vitality and energy back into your life every day!