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What is it like to be a Diplomat?

By nature, Diplomats are dependable, easy-going, and enjoy pleasurable experiences. You do well with a predictable, patterned routine and, when motivated by a fierce desire, your focus and discipline allows you to achieve any goals you set.

You enjoy learning and will obey the rules unless the rules prevent your enjoyment. You are a dependable employee and friend, are easy to get along with and, with your enduring sense of fairness and your ability to recognize and honor various points of view, are a natural mediator and manager.

Your body is built to resist harsh circumstances and you may notice that you have less sensitivity to pain than others. You are extremely resilient, don’t often complain about being sick and weak, and are rarely bothered by small things. You can lift weights easily, and have the potential for exceptional endurance. Often your physical strength is matched by mental strength and endurance too!

How do we know this? It’s in your body.

You’ve just answered a few questions from the HealthType Test and, from those simple answers, science can recognize how your body developed from the womb which, in turn, allows us to understand how your body naturally functions.

Really? You ask. Yes, really. Watch the video above for more insight.

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As a Diplomat, you have the body that was revered as god-like by the ancients. Long, strong and enduring. You’re a natural adventurer so boring activities won’t sit well with you and it’s best to avoid exercises that may lead to injuries of the connective tissue in your knees or ankles. You’ll likely find activities in nature to be really satisfying.

However not only is it what you do, but how, when, where and with whom you do it that makes the difference between a healthy lifestyle and a life that overflows with health.

Knowing your unique chronobiological, social and environmental needs allow you to make the absolute most of your body and the time you spend working out.


Going for a long lunch with a friend, meeting for a decadent brunch, or catching up for a relaxed breakfast are great, healthy ways to enjoy the foods you eat – then it’s just a matter of choosing the right things from the menu.

You physically have the longest gut of all HealthTypes so it takes time to digest. Give yourself a good 5-6 hours between meals so your body has time to digest, retrieve those nutrients and then be good to go again for the next meal.

Just knowing and understanding the simple fact that snacking or having 5-6 small meals in a day (although it’s great for some bodies) is NOT great for you, can be life-changing.

Imagine the possibility of effortlessly knowing precisely which foods will you support you best.

Water is life.

A moist environment is your ideal ally for a peaceful lifestyle. Have you noticed that already? Do you get thirsty a lot? Too much dryness can be a big stress for your body as it will continually need to work to stay balanced.

When your surrounding environment is continuously dry, like a dry climate or in air-conditioning, it becomes a constant stress on your body. Chronic, ongoing stress contributes to sickness and ill-health like pancreatic issues, tumors, tendon pain and inflammation or hypotonicity, dehydration, and mineral and vitamin malabsorption.

So how can you remove that daily compounding stress so you can improve your quality of life? Just keep the liquids up o the inside and outside of your body.

It is not only climate that affects your health – lighting, textiles, humidity, colour, temperature, organization and other incidental aspects in your surroundings can add or remove stress from your life.

Using this knowledge for ‘set and forget’ health support can radically improve your satisfaction and happiness in daily life.

What’s the difference?

Between the Diplomat content and other HealthTypes..? Sometimes it’s not so much the content but the eyes through which you view it. We invite you to browse through the whole HTCommunity site to see for yourself – here are some of the difference you’ll note.



Different bodies will inherently respond better to different things, for example, the Activator imagery is full of movement, action and excitement and the Guardian page oozes family, connection, food, community and abundance. See if you can pick the key ‘themes’ for each HT page you visit.



You’ll note that the bodies look different when you visit a different HealthType page. We want you to be surrounded with role models who are like you so you can be inspired by bodies that are relevant and achievable as well as totally gorgeous!



The language, the topics and how they are presented can be different for each HealthType. For example, the news on the Guardian page will be focused on things like communities and resources, whereas the Sensor page may concentrate on positive world news and Crusader news may hone in on technology and business.



The contributors to each HealthType page ARE that HealthType. From a range of ages, experiences and walks of life so you get great variety of content from people you’ll naturally resonate with. If you’d like to contribute to your HealthType page just get in touch!

In a word, Dignified.

You often have a considerable presence in the world that goes along with substantial inner strength and endurance. Like an ancient Grecian deity, you lead with an outstretched hand of peace but are willing to become a fierce warrior if required. At the least you can become immovable in your posture and, more often than with force, you express your strength with this indomitable, immovable essence.

Your style reflects your presence. Strong, sturdy, comfortable, with a focus on a deep connection to nature through colour, texture and placement.

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