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What is it like to be a Crusader?

The Crusader is driven to achieve and frequently succeed when your goals require a high level of mental and physical work. You are self-determined (without the need for constant praise and feedback), willing to take risks and make large efforts to create your ideas. You may also sacrifice a lot to achieve what you believe you must.

You enjoy a challenge, do well with routine, are dependable, responsible and perceived as intelligent. You prefer predictability, reliability and willingly accept responsibility.

You have an insatiable curiosity which feeds your drive for knowledge and you tend to seek out lots of detail and thrive when learning and creating. Competitive and ambitious, you strive for accuracy in order to be authoritative and correct in your positions. Little external motivation is required and you often pursue your goals relentlessly. However, the feeling of accomplishment is often increased when acknowledged by someone who understands your driving force or when it is paired with status or gifts of quality.

You prefer to be in charge of your own situations and are skeptical to accept new ideas without absolute proof. With that in mind, we invite your to continue your exploration of HealthTypes and personalized, precision health at

How do we know this? It’s in your body.

You’ve just answered a few questions from the HealthType Test and, from those simple answers, science can recognize how your body developed from the womb which, in turn, allows us to understand how your body naturally functions.

Really? You ask. Yes, really.


In a nutshell, it’s like this – as an embryo develops, one of the germ layers (through gastrulation) may become more dominant, influencing which organs are strongest, and which neurotransmitters and hormones will be most prevalent.

The germ layers that developed with predominance in your case were the ectoderm and mesoderm. The ectoderm leads to the development of the neural tube (brain and spinal cord), the neural crest and the outer epithelium of the body (the skin). Cardiac and skeletal muscles, smooth muscles, blood vessels, connective tissues, the kidney, heart, viscera and adrenal cortex develop from the mesoderm layer.

These focus points during development mean that you are highly efficient and productive both physically and mentally.  You are mentally aware of all the possible changes in your immediate and future happenings and will adjust your daily priorities and tasks to take action according to which will give you the best outcomes in line with your goals.

Your naturally higher levels of dopamine than other HealthTypes gives rise to some of your common characteristics relating to achievement and success: these are not just things you enjoy – you need them to be healthy and satisfied.

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Your HealthType is just the beginning

Your true potential is unlocked when you analyze your current genetic expression and identify precise guidance in the aspects in everyday life like your foods, exercise, relationships, mindfulness, and even your living arrangements to optimize your performance.

Creating solid foundations for your success.

No invasive sampling or testing is required. Simply purchase the app, complete the assessment and have the health and wellness support you need to succeed tailored to your unique body.

A Healthy Body Just Makes Life Even Better

As a Crusader, consistent training will have a positive effect on your physical health as well as your mental clarity, stress release and overall productivity. Rhythmic exercise like cycling and running, sports that allow physical prowess and status or strategic sports also stimulate your mental wellbeing.

However not only is it what you do, but how, when and where you do it that makes the difference between a healthy lifestyle and an optimized life.

Knowing your unique chronobiological, social and environmental needs allow you to achieve your ultimate performance in the most efficient way.

You’re probably already eating a ‘healthy’ diet, right? You’re disciplined, and have no troubles following a food plan if you understand the reasoning. The key for you is to know the specifics that are right for your unique body. Carbohydrates are essential for you to maintain your physical and mental energy during the day. Diet regimes like Paleo or Fasting that do not provide for this constant energy source can lead to problems in energy and pain.

Just knowing and understanding the simple fact that constantly providing sufficient fuel of the correct type for your body and brain, can be life-changing.

Imagine the possibility of effortlessly knowing precisely which foods will you support you best.

Keep it fresh.

Fresh air is one of the most important factors for you to optimize your environment. Too little fresh air, like air-conditioned rooms, excess humidity, smokey environments and stuffiness can give you headaches and neck pain.

When you continuously lack fresh air it becomes a constant stress on your body. Chronic, ongoing stress contributes to sickness and ill-health like problems with calcium metabolism, spinal issues, peripheral neuropathies and issues with neuromuscular junctions. So how can you remove that daily compounding stress to improve your quality of life? Get outside into the forest, ocean breeze or in the mountains and take some deep breaths.

It is not only climate that affects your health – lighting, textiles, color, temperature, organization and other incidental aspects in your surroundings can add or remove stress from your life. Using this knowledge for ‘set and forget’ health support can radically improve your satisfaction and happiness in daily life.

What’s the difference?

Between the Crusader content and other HealthTypes..? Sometimes it’s not so much the content but the eyes through which you view it. We invite you to browse through the whole HTCommunity site to see for yourself – here are some of the difference you’ll note.


Different bodies will inherently respond better to different things, for example, the Activator imagery is full of movement, action and excitement and the Guardian page oozes family, connection, food, community and abundance. See if you can pick the key ‘themes’ for each HT page you visit.


You’ll note that the bodies look different when you visit a different HealthType page. We want you to be surrounded with role models who are like you so you can be inspired by bodies that are relevant and achievable as well as totally gorgeous!


The language, the topics and how they are presented can be different for each HealthType. For example, the news on the Guardian page will be focused on things like communities and resources, whereas the Sensor page may concentrate on positive world news and Crusader news may hone in on technology and business.


The contributors to each HealthType page ARE that HealthType. From a range of ages, experiences and walks of life so you get great variety of content from people you’ll naturally resonate with. If you’d like to contribute to your HealthType page just get in touch!



In a word, Linear.

Sharp, clean lines. Modern, practical, minimalist and futuristic.

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