The HealthType Community Contributors

Help shape the community that embraces you for being you.

What is the HealthType Community all about?

The HealthType community is an independent website that celebrates the full spectrum of human bodies. It’s a place to go to interact with, learn about and support people who are a similar HealthType – and learn about the other HealthTypes too!

Our mission is to help people understand the nuances of the different types of bodies with free resources including blogs, vlogs, articles, role models, news and other helpful info. Content that is curated by the HealthType for the HealthType.

Most importantly, this website is to support the understanding and collaboration of different HealthTypes so we can all live on this planet together in happiness and health.

What we need for success

So that we can introduce millions of people to HealthTypes and a different view of life, we need help providing free personalised health knowledge, awareness and resources.

Our ideal team is made up of passionate contributors of each HealthType bringing content that is responsible, relevant and entertaining to people who are just like them.

Why do I want to be involved?

Those who join and become part of the HealthType community team will enjoy:

Membership Tokens

24 x ph360, Shae or ShaeWellness Annual Membership tokens per year at no cost to you.

Featured Coach

Full features in the Coaching Directory, ShaeWellness and ShaeFit newsletters, and MeWeekly.

Featured Leader

Featured on the HealthType Community Leaders page.

HealthType Expert Status

Introduced as a HealthType expert in the HealthType Community, HTC social media and ph360/Shae/ShaeWellness/ShaeFit social media.

Leader Badge

HealthType Community Leader Badge in your Coaching Directory listing.

Coaching Program Opportunities

Eligibility to apply for the HealthType Coach role for the official HealthType Coaching Programs.

More Commission

Your Clickbank affiliate commissions increased to 30%.

What do I need to do?

Be an awesome part of the team for your HealthType Community including:

Contribute Content
  • 4 x Social Media or Forum posts each month (written, image + text, video, poll, etc)
  • 1 x blog each month
  • Actively answer/interact on 3-5 x discussions on the forum each month
  • Suggest 3-5 x news articles each month
  • Suggest 3 x influencers of your HealthType each month
Review and filter community member requests
Attend 1 x HealthType Community meeting per month with your HealthType Team to:
  • Discuss and help allocate content production
  • Suggest new materials, products and services
  • Discuss community member requests and make decisions as a group
Reach out to influencers of your HealthType for partnerships, affiliations or ambassadorship
Take on one of the following team roles:
  • Project manager

    To ensure the smooth operations of the HealthType Community page, forum and content including regularly posted content.

  • Communications lead

    Provide guidance and support for HealthType messaging and influencer outreach.

  • Artwork lead

    Source and update artwork including images, illustrations and graphics and assist team members to find relevant images for blogs, vlogs, articles and influencer links.

  • Content editor

    Proofread final blogs, articles, and website copy to help maintain a high standard of content and professional appearance.

  • Social star

    Check in on our social channels regularly and reply, assist, rally and inspire members to increase interaction & engagement and provide nurturing, love and support.

“The overarching mission for ph360 is to lead to major breakthroughs and application in the reversal of chronic disease and pain by the year 2050.”

Matt Riemann

Founder of ph360

Do you want to join us?

HealthTypes do make a difference – we know it’s true. Now you can help share the knowledge, awareness and resources for your HealthType in the HealthType Community!