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What is it like to be a Connector?

Connectors are people-people! You naturally consider the needs of others, are open and friendly, helpful, available, forgiving, kind, and affectionate.

Because of how your mind and body work, talking to others is really good for you. You’re a good teammate, have great ideas that you love to share, frequently think out loud, and can often manage multiple tasks throughout the day, although not necessarily all at the same time.

You tend to feel things very physically and touch, hugs, good food, and physical pleasures are what make life great. When you choose to, you can be a fabulous leader, very persuasive and influential.

How do we know this? It’s in your body.

You’ve just answered a few questions from the HealthType Test and, from those simple answers, science can recognize how your body developed from the womb which, in turn, allows us to understand how your body naturally functions.

Really? You ask. Yes, really. Watch the quick vid for more!

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What’s the difference?

Between the Connector content and other HealthTypes..? Sometimes it’s not so much the content but the eyes through which you view it. We invite you to browse through the whole HTCommunity site to see for yourself – here are some of the difference you’ll note.

– here are some of the difference you’ll note.



Different bodies will inherently respond better to different things, for example, the Activator imagery is full of movement, action and excitement and the Guardian page oozes family, connection, food, community and abundance. See if you can pick the key ‘themes’ for each HT page you visit.



You’ll note that the bodies look different when you visit a different HealthType page. We want you to be surrounded with role models who are like you so you can be inspired by bodies that are relevant and achievable as well as totally gorgeous!



The contributors to each HealthType page ARE that HealthType. From a range of ages, experiences and walks of life so you get great variety of content from people you’ll naturally resonate with. If you’d like to contribute to your HealthType page just get in touch!



The language, the topics and how they are presented can be different for each HealthType. For example, the news on the Guardian page will be focused on things like communities and resources, whereas the Sensor page may concentrate on positive world news and Crusader news may hone in on technology and business.

A Healthy Body Just Makes Life Even Better


As a Connector, movement is your friend! Even though sometimes you might feel like it’s a lot of effort, the more you move the better you’ll feel! But most importantly it MUST be fun! Entertaining! Something that you really love to do!

It’s not just what you do though. It’s how, when, where and who you do it with that will help you align your body and mind for total wellbeing. That’s what makes the difference between a healthy lifestyle and sharing the optimized YOU with the world.

Knowing your unique chronobiology and environmental needs means you can be the best version of YOU!


Food can be delicious, nutritious and there’s so much to choose from! Going out for a meal, having people over for dinner, or just grabbing a bite while you chat – all perfect ways for you to stay healthy while you eat. Then, it’s simply choosing the right foods!

Your body is really resilient and this is such a blessing because it means your digestive system is usually more robust than other HealthTypes! A wide variety of foods is really healthy – eat the rainbow but steer clear of too many sugars. Even knowing that one simple tip can help make sure your mood stays optimistic, your self esteem soars and you’re not bothered with fluctuations in blood pressure.

Imagine the possibility of effortlessly knowing precisely which foods will you support you best…

Sunshine is your BFF.

Do you ever feel down or unable to get on with things when the sun isn’t shining? Don’t worry, it’s not in your head, it’s in your body! The sunshine affects your body more than any other HealthType so it’s an important part of your lifestyle!

Going without sunshine causes a stress for your body – one that is sometimes around constantly and that extra stress can lead to all sorts of health problems like blood pressure issues, depression, and mental health problems.

Lighting, textiles, humidity, colour, organization and other aspects in your surroundings can also add or remove stress from you life. When you can ‘set and forget’ your environment to support you best – then you can concentrate on sharing your best you with the world!

In a word, Variety.

Whether you’re moving from one group of friends to another, following trends or delving into a topic you love, your attention is constantly drawn to new things.

A natural chameleon, your style changes with you as you easily adapt to new people, settings and circumstances. Don’t give yourself one label or style. Move with the wind, go with the flow, and enjoy all life has to offer!

Most importantly, your style should allow you to share your life with the people you bring into it.

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