The Best

Activator Detox

is done without Proteins and fats
Most detoxes say ‘oh don’t eat this’ but this one gives you exactly what to eat and when and why – and you have choices! It was all prepared for me and I just did it and feel great!
Jay, Perth
My energy’s great, skin’s glowing, headache’s gone, inflammation from an ankle injury is 90% better & no coffee for 7 days! Loving herbal teas, feel well hydrated.
Di, Coffs Harbour
More than the scale, I have even more energy, my brain is clearer, my eye bags deflated (I had to take multiple selfies to confirm it wasn’t just the angle ), I feel more flexible (especially in the lower back and hips), my skin is brighter. 
Linzi, Brisbane
I had some digestive issues on days two and three with a slight headache and once that was gone I felt great, energy was good and my focus was off the charts, I got so much done this week!
Alicia, Adelaide
There are definitely some combos of food that I wouldn’t have put together. The recipes have been great! My weight is down almost 3lbs. My HRV has improved each day. I am feeling good overall.
Anna, Sydney
To date this experience has taught me is that I ‘can actually do this!’ ( I’ve never done a detox in my life). I also can easily cater for my family, it doesn’t need to be a separate task.
Emma, Auckland
I feel it has taught me to embrace the vitality a detox brings rather than see this as a deprivation exercise 
Diana, Colorado

Feel energized

Clear up your skin

Shed unwanted weight

Sleep better

Look amazing

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The Detox Paradox

  • You NEED good quality proteins to stay healthy BUT it’s really important to give your body a break from having to process protein all the time.
  • Most Detoxes restrict food intake BUT that’s NOT good for YOUR body – you NEED to eat! (You get hangry, right? Hangry = bad!)
  • You need to eat BUT some foods are healthy for some people and harmful for others – how do you know which ones to eat?


Juggling it all and staying balanced. Doing it right the first time.


Get the ph360 Personalized Detox and have it do all the research, calculations and planning for you so you can JUST DO IT!

How it works

20 years of research and testing + 15 science modalities + medico-technological algorithms = The precision personalized protocol for you.

The Shae™ Personalized Detox creates a 10 Day protocol for YOU. To get started you simply:

1. Measure

Update the measurements & questions in your app so that Shae™ has the most accurate & recent data.

2. Review

Shae™ then calculates everything and updates your recommendations – then you get to tailor your Detox to your preferences.

3. Action

DO the food, movement and mindfulness components of the program and be amazed with the results!

Take the challenge

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What’s included?

Inside the Personalized Detox you will find:

  • What to eat and when
  • Pre-Detox checklist to get ready
  • Daily schedules of food, activity and mindfulness
  • Your Dynamic food report that tells you WHY each foods is right or not
  • Detox recipes ranked from top to bottom so you can still CHOOSE what you eat while you Detox
  • The optimal path to keep you going after your Detox
  • Options to keep your Dynamic food report at your fingertips as you adapt to stress, the seasons, weather, and every little challenge of day to day life moving forward.

Are you up for the challenge?

  • Once a year, do a proper Detox (get it done and get on with life!)
  • Do the best type of Detox in the right time frame
  • Get the Shae™ Personalized Detox to do all the prep so you can go ahead and MAKE IT HAPPEN!
  • Learn great habits while you Detox to kick healthy butt the WHOLE year!

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